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FeedNetback Workshop 2010

by Olivier De Bardonneche last modified 20-09-2010 17:33

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FeedNetback Workshop 2010

15th Sept 2010
Centre de Congrès de L'Impérial Palace, Annecy, France  


The Second FeedNetback Annual Workshop took place on the 15th of September 2010 immediately after the 2nd IFAC Workshop on Estimation and Control of Networked Systems NecSys'10 and was followed by the project's second annual review and a Research Student Workshop on the 16th Sept. All events took place in Annecy, France.
The goal of the workshop was to continue to provide a dynamic annual forum for the latest advances of feedback techniques in modern control systems. It offered an opportunity to meet innovators from Europe's research community as well as developers and users of related technologies and applications. The workshop stimulated discussions of the barriers to uptake of the technology in diverse application domains and the opportunities to address these.
The workshop comprised 3 sessions: a) a session on scientific advances with 6 presentations  giving an overview of the latest research results from within the FeedNetback work programme; b) 2 invited presentations from industry describing novel approaches and trends and c) a session with 3 presentations on the applications addressed by the project.


08.30 -08.45

Arrival, Registration and Networking


Welcome and Overview of the Day

C. Canudas de Wit (INRIA), C. Kompis (Vodera)


Nonlinear Low Delay Sensing Transmission and Relaying

M. Skoglund (KTH)


Gossip Algorithms for Simultaneous Distributed Estimation and Classification in Sensor Networks

S. Zampieri (U. Padova)


Stability Analysis of Linear Systems Under Asynchronous Samplings

A. Seuret (INRIA)


Coffee Break


Partial Observation Techniques for Networked Control Systems

L. Orihuela, F. Gómez-Estern, F. R. Rubio (U. Sevilla)


Design Principles of Wireless Sensor Networks for Control Applications

C. Fischione, P. Di Marco, K.-H. Johansson, P. Park, and U. Tiberi (KTH)


Source Seeking Control using AUV Fleets under Communication Constraints

C. Canudas de Wit, L. Briñon, A. Seuret, A. Kibangou,  D. Simon, J. Dumon (INRIA) and J. Opderbecke, L. Brignone  (IFREMER)


Lunch and Networking


Closing Loops-- Challenges in Automation

C. Ganz (ABB)


Applications of Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensors

H. Thompson (Rolls-Royce UTC)


Coffee Break


Camera Network Calibration for Target Tracking in Video Surveillance Applications

P. Donaggio, S. Gasparella, G. Gennari, B. Lain (Videotec), and L. Schenato (UNIP)


Control of Multiple Cameras for Tracking and Surveillance

D. Raimondo, J. Lygeros (ETH) and S. Gasparella (Videotec)


Distributed Perimeter Patrolling and Tracking for Camera Network

A. Cenedese (U. Padova)



Advisory Board Meeting (By Invitation)



Venue address
The FeedNetback 2010 Workshop took place at L’Impérial Palace Hotel, Allée de l’Impérial, 74000 Annecy, France.

Workshop participants


Presentation abstracts
The abstracts of the presentations are available here.

Delegate pack
As part of FeedNetback's committment to dissemination of results, the entire delegate pack is available to download in .pdf format (file size 36.8Workshop 2010MB).

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