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Deriving and applying a co-design framework to integrate communication, control, computation and energy management in networked control systems


FeedNetback is an international research project on networked control systems that was completed on 31 Jan 2012. It was supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

The objective of the FeedNetback was to generate a co-design framework, to integrate architectural constraints and performance trade-offs from control, communication, computation, complexity and energy management. FeedNetback contributed in mastering complexity, temporal and spatial uncertainties such as delays and bandwidth in communications and node availability. This approach will enable the development of more efficient, robust and affordable networked control systems that scale and adapt with changing application demands.

The FeedNetback consortium contains a mix of academic and industrial partners with extensive track record on networked control systems.

The project conducted extensive dissemination activities including representation of the project in over 100 events, organisation of three annual workshops plus a workshop dedicated to junior researchers, course offerings to international schools and videos to illustrate the research undertaken. The results of the project were reported in over 250 conference and journal publications.
We encourage you to download the Project's Final Report, all its Public Deliverables and its Brochure.

For any additional information including collaboration opportunities please contact the management team. 
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